Google News and Weather [APK] is totally redesigned

Google News and Weather [APK] 

Google News and Weather is completely redesigned [APK] Google News and Weather is completely redesigned [APK].
I guess everyone has ever used the application of News and Time that Android takes by default. The truth is that all my uses with her has been ephemeral, because I have never found a full application or the truth that functional but one you can try androrat APK binder.
I have always preferred more full options, and for the time we have thousands of options, even from the same Google Well, it seems that this is going to change, because the application has just been updated and comes loaded with news.
Actually, though technically it is a new version of an app that already exists in doubt, it is a great news for you.
Google News and Weather [APK] is totally redesigned

New Functions and Style Material Design

Firstly, if we have to install it, we notice that the changes from the artistic point of view are totally radical, already having a large number of items belonging to Material Design. Of course, do not expect a very colorful app, since this is the interface is gray. I think it is a good option considering that if we use it. check previous post  Best browser and Whatsapp messenger
At the top of the screen we will see the weather information, which we can see more information. In addition, we want to configure different locations to follow.

On the other hand, in the main screen Sliding from the left we access many options and among them our categories of Google News, which are automatically imported from my configuration of the service. Sliding left different options Easier and intuitive impossible And compatible with tablets
In addition, the application also comes with many re-scalable widgets so that we can access all the information that interests us from our desktop.

UPDATE: Many users can not download it because of location problems, although this is a specific problem since some users can download it and others do not. Therefore the APK, although we have also been told that it fails to open. We have no problems

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