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Hey friends, we came again to intro you to a new interesting application. This application is very popular nowadays. This application is a controller for your android phone. I am guided to everything about lucky patcher like hot to install and how to use this is a very useful application that helps you to deeply customize and control this function in your android phone. Simple word in I says this application is used to modify the application. It is change anything in APK. But one more important note is you should know your Android phone is must be rooted before using lucky patcher app in your phone.

When your Android phone is not rooted so first of root your phone. Root your android mobile in 2 minutes without PC for Root your phone.

Lucky patcher

So, After root your mobile you can use Lucky patcher application. Here I will tell everything about lucky patcher. By using lucky patcher, you can skip this verification. No only license verification but also you can remove Add from game and application, Add were is a major problem for an android phone but you can be using lucky patcher help the user to get remove of add from game and application.

Lucky patcher application is given to the real control over the permission you give to the install on your mobile can delete Advertising, modify permission, create a backup of another application and much more. That says you need a must be root your android device.

After install when you open lucky patcher you will see the list of all application installed on your device.when you just tap on them you can see the option is: apps information, uninstall it, delete additional data, access other special tools. az screen recorder

In this special tools, you can find interesting features like a, Deactivate Add, and even run the application in a condition in which you normally could not. You can create own APK modified according to your preferences. lucky patcher is taken control of the apps installed on your can control all apps but must be roots your phone after you access all the features.

Feature of Lucky Patcher:

This application comes with so cool and good feature. have a look some common and good feature ever of Lucky Patcher application, which you will get after installing this APK so let's have a look at it now from below list of feature of lucky patcher.
Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

  • Block google add or any add from application and game.
  • Remove verification of license from application and game.
  • Forcefully remove pre-install apps.
  • Manage the permission of application.
  • Remove the permission of application.
  • Move apps phone memory to SD card in one click.
  • You can install modded apps play store.
  • Lucky patcher in purchase hack-you can bypass in-app purchase.
  • Some application pro by apply custom patch.
  • Lucky patcher apk can Create modifier application in one click.
  • You can easily update. not update outside application.
  • Which can take complete backup.all the backup all data?
  • Solve device incompatible error of play store by an apply custom patch.
  • Clear Dalvik cache.
  • Silently make purchase apps without knowing play store.
  • Download custom patch.
  • Clone the application of your choice.
  • freezes the application which misbehaves.
  • And much more feature is available you can download this application.    

Lucky Patcher Download and version info:

We have provided the latest Download link and we have provided last updated version:

Version: Lucky Patcher 6.4.4
Updated on: 2 February 2017

How to Download and install Lucky Patcher in your device:

You can Lucky Patcher Download from below link and install your phone. This application comes with a cool and amazing feature so you can install and check it right now.we have provided detail and step to step how to install and explain so check it below...
  • Firstly Download Lucky patcher application from given below link:
  • If you can get installation when warning then goes to setting and click unknown source.
  • Now install an application, open it and ready for using this app.
  • Enjoy it...hahaha 

Lucky Patcher No Root Application Download:

Most of the application having license verification.You can also remove that form this application. Whenever you install any application on your android device If you take that application form then you might sometimes get an error while downloading You can easily solve to one click.

Why you need Lucky Patcher latest version?
This saves your mobile space. This application is work compactly and perfectly if you have rooted your android device. And you can also modify data like the update and delete. And the main all-new feature is available in the latest version and this apps user-friendly so it is easy to understand all menu and option.
Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher is work many application but we have list some application in which i have tested this application and working is very good without any issue. so Download and install Lucky Patcher and enjoy it...check out AZ screen recorder 
  1. Hill climb racing
  2. candy crush
  3. clash of cline
  4. Temple run
  5. Color switch
  6. Super ball etc... 

Lucky Patcher Application info:

  • Version name: 6.4.5
  • App Size: 6.5 MB
  • Download Link: Download Lucky Patcher
  • App Name: Lucky Patcher
  • Root Required: Yes
  • IOS support: No

How to Mod play store with Lucky Patcher:

If you want to download mod play store on your phone with the help of Lucky Patcher So simply follow Some step:-
  • Open Lucky Patcher on your Phone: also check out, OGYoutube, Freedom.
  • Press option menu then select patch android.
  • Now select signature verifies always true then disable Zip signature verify.
  • Click apply and select yes.
  • Now Download moded play store: Download.
  • Install the moded play store and restart your phone.
Enjoy It..........hahaha

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