How to Android mobile root without PC...

How to android mobile root without PC...

We trickseries is a back to a new post on how to android mobile root without computer. we are sharing android application which can be easy to android mobile are root without any risk. This trick is fully safe if you are willing to get a root android mobile. this application is run for your smart phone and can help you instantly root your device.

I think, most of time you must be affect of the fact that tablet or similar to your phone. after a log time your mobile to effect any problem so you can root your device and solve the solution.i have many mobile are root in my life there is always success trick in my post. i will explain you to easy to root your android phone without computer. it is also working your tablet. we have try our best to find all trick or method root your mobile without pc. there are many method for root mobile but it is very risky for your phone one wrong step and than damage your device fully.

Root android phone

What is root?

Android is only one of the most open source, versatile, customizable and user friendly mobile operating systems.I think you don't need to root your phone, but you had be surprised at how much more you can hang with a little work than root your mobile.after root your mobile than fully used hardware. root is a experiment way to unlock your phone like it remove application,and some Chang or delete system file.checkout this is root your mobile without pc jailbreak android phone. some people is root mobile without knowledge,lette they might brick your smartphone and uninstalling some important application. so be careful before root your device and read all thing  from below...     

How to root android phone without pc

Root your device without a PC have some benefits.
1.less risky because using PC to flash CWM it is a risky.
2.easy to unroot it without any issue
rooting this process is very easy but you just need understand this process. there is also some more advantage and disadvantage for rooting your android device.but i am here some advantage and disadvantage explain so check out advantage and disadvantage out from below for how to android mobile root without computer.  
main advantage is you can do any changes in your mobile phone and main disadvantage is root void warranty. Check out Tech Blog


  • increase memory,increase RAM,best performance. etc...but one disadvantage is after root your mobile than delete install application form save sd card or phone memory.
  • access to the all file in your mobile by giving a permission edit or delete file.
  • best performance when playing high quality game and multitasking used.
  • increase your phone battery life which can under clock CPU of your mobile phone.
  • another main benefits is your android is that you can flash custom ROM.
  • increase your version of mobile and also increase performance and so many new feature in your old mobile phone.
  • you can access some use best application after root it.
  • internal memory can also increase after root your mobile phone as you can swaping memory card without any effect or problem.


  • your mobile might hard brick. so be careful when root your phone because it is damage in serious condition.
  • It is a Iiilegal process.
  • It will void your mobile phone warranty
  • After root your mobile than all of your data is will be loose like,contact number,message,and store in phone memory.
  • you will not able to update your phone after does not provide update for smart root user.
  • you might face random reboots..Facebook video downloader 

General method to root your android phone using APK:-

First of all,download root apk file for link below.
After,downloading apk file and just install.
After,installation is blocked than click on setting.
After,just click unknown source.
After install easily.
After open this application and click root button or any type root button.
congratulation, you are done your mobile root.

method to root your android device:-

below, we are listing 10 method for root your android mobile without PC.i have personally try this method and share it.


This application is famous application for root your mobile without PC.this apk is rank1 for when we talk about rooting.this is a very fast application.

How to root use framaroot: 

  • Open framaroot application in your mobile.
  • after that click in boromir.
  • click root button and wait until wait for success message.


I rooted my swingle phone.i was very happy after root and guys this app is just one click root your mobile.this application support all mobile like karbon, micromax, samsung, asus.this application is best application because it is a less time and best performance.

Download:-Downlaod vroot APK 


This is the one of the oldest application for root mobile without is also without any risk and hard bricking.if your are own mobile good brand like sony,HTC,samsung,motorola than this is best application for like root mobile.this app is 99% success for samsung galaxy S series.the mobile in run spectrum chipset. After complete process it is automatically restart your phone.


4.CF auto root

Here come another apk to root any mobile without pc.this app is also called chain-fire. it is mostly used samsung S series mobile.

Step to root mobile for CF auto root:

  • First of all download CF auto root application for above link button.
  • install this application(make unknown source tick)
  • open it.
  • Click root my pone button
After than wait until restart your mobile.

5.King root

This application is similar to vroot but minor change in this application.this application is running on mediatek.(MTK).this application is awesome and simple just root safely.this application is perfect with MTK device, for example running on kitkat version.Another version in support but kitkat version is best of this apps.this is work with almost all phone.

How to root android with kingoroot:-

  • Open the king root applicaton. SHAREit app
  • in the main page see the option root device click that,
  • now wait for a few second downloading new root manager and root your device.

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